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Nadine Vinzens

Ex-Miss Switzerland

“Thank you my dear Yvi for the great experience and for helping me to recognize and discover many things. A whole new door has opened for me and I feel like a new person! I love spirituality and it was wonderful to be able to look inside myself and find things that finally make sense. THANK YOU! Big hugs and I am looking forward to everything else”.

Tina Stockhammer

Every time I am deeply touched and full of magic by your wonderful cell-reprogramming and your healing-work dearest Yvi!
It changes the life of everyone in a miraculous way and causes so much healing, which is otherwise hardly possible…
Everything that is no longer useful is allowed to go… and the days after are so exciting because so much is changing…
You can’t really put it into words either…
You have to experience it…
Thank you Yvi from the bottom of my heart!

Manuela Marty

My two sessions with Yvi have completely changed my life. I am so happy and finally allowed to walk my heart’s path.

Who was I before: I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 20 years ago. Then I was afraid of the dark, of elevators and I could not imagine flying. In addition, since November 2020, I had new symptoms such as shortness of breath combined with panic attacks and the fear of suffocating and dying.

Then came the first session with Yvi, after which I had completely lost my fears, I tested this by turning off the light in the toilet in our office. I stood there in the dark and didn’t even have an increased heartbeat. Then I had tested the fear of elevators, the elevator came I had no more trouble or sweating to get into that elevator. Then I had a dentist appointment and I was totally relaxed sitting in that chair, which I never could! My shortness of breath was still there, but I was no longer afraid of suffocating. A completely new feeling for me.

Thank you Yvi for your work on me. I am a completely new person without these fears.

I am just happy and content. So much new has come into my life since the sessions and I am just infinitely grateful!!!

Michael Andreas Reiter

“Even we therapists have blind spots”.

Yvonne, with her radiant nature and extraordinarily precise intuition, immediately “picked me up on the spot” and compassionately and professionally guided and accompanied me through my individual process.

I can only recommend to anyone who is not really getting anywhere “wherever” to call in Yvonne to effectively free themselves from old burdens. As a therapist experienced in trauma work and regression, I can say this with sincere conviction.

From the bottom of my heart the very best for all of us

Michael Andreas Reiter

Patricia Fässler

Film producer

Yvonne Waldraff has already an international reputation. Through a recommendation from London I had the great pleasure to meet her in her “Beach like”- Silentpower Retreathouse at Aeugst am Albis.

With her enthusiasm for the deep knowledge of the primordial force, she mediates healing and hopeful sessions where body and mind find harmony with themselves. Every body is matter that needs to be cared for. So our content such as thoughts, deeds, behavior patterns, ancestral resolutions, everything in its place to the momentum of now. 

I also recommend the Waldraff House where so often many encounters with people and animals have become a wealth. 

A healing scientist who likes to connect with other people and share knowledge. 

She also has a wonderful access to children through the world of power animals.

Christine Scherzinger

Project leader

Yvonne is simply a power woman with a big heart – I felt seen by her immediately.  Through her open, warm and empathetic manner I felt immediately welcome and had the feeling to meet a piece of home. 

I am infinitely grateful that my path led me to Yvonne and that I was able to experience a shamanic healing session and cell reprogramming with her. 

A few weeks after the sessions I can say that I got back my lightness and joy and I was able to get rid of some old patterns and thus regained a piece of freedom for myself.

Dear Yvonne from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU and MERCIE for your wonderful healing work and thank you for your BEING, your LAUGHING, your GIFTS and your wonderful WORK. It was an EXPERIENCE of a special kind……..

Love and I send you a big hug from my heart!

Namasté, Radha

Yoga teacher

Dear Yvonne,
With your open, heartfelt, warm, trusting and clear charisma, one feels welcome and safe with you from the first moment. It was easy for me to confide in you completely, even though it was our first encounter (in this life;). I got the cell reprogramming just yesterday and am still totally floating on silky clouds. It went very deep, the images and information came very clear. What an amazing power you have dear Yvonne, a miracle-full power that one gets to see and feel so rarely. And very beautiful how you hold the space and let the magic of healing dance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these new insights and this insane new feeling in my body, in my whole being!

Christophe Foro

“Dear Yvonne, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your cell reprogramming. I was able to experience your magic on my own body and mind and how I was guided through my deep patterns. I was able to recognize them, and thus transform them. This was a tremendous experience. It is unbelievable how the divine energy flows through you and how you project this energy onto you so that you can recognize your patterns and feel them again. I wish that all people could have this wonderful experience and thus change their consciousness. Many, many thanks.” 

Solange Caviezel

“I was allowed to experience cell reprogramming and it was a huge gift. I didn’t have words for it in the beginning because it was something so big and so profound that I was just deeply touched. For more than 15 years I have been working a lot on myself and have learned many different and valuable methods. But with 2 core themes, no matter what I tried to do, it seemed that there was always a lot of change inside, but in life itself, I always ended up at the same point. But what I was allowed to experience with Yvonne was really a kind of initiation. It was as if every single one of my cells would finally accept the divinity within me – it was deeply touching – “coming home” after such a long yearning. And when I experienced what kind of cell coupling programs were partly stored in me, I realized why certain things were so persistent. I am still deeply touched and still in the middle of integration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Yvonne – it is really DIVINE how you seem.”

Marlène Zarins

“Since I emigrated to Norway, I was able to experience cell reprogramming with Yvi today as a long-time friend of hers, for which I am very grateful to her! Not only did our friendship not stand in the way of her professionalism, but there was no trace of her initial doubts as to whether the telephone would be a good thing at all! On the contrary: Yvi guided me safely, clearly and lovingly through the healing process, while I felt strengthened and supported by the beautiful place in the middle of nature, which I had chosen. At the same time, I imagined myself resting on the couch in Silent Power with Yvi and felt her touches energetically in certain moments.

The whole session was very powerful and touching and the insights gained from it could not have been clearer on the spot. I can encourage anyone in the world who wants Yvi to reprogram their cells to do so over the phone, because where two hearts touch, distance no longer matters.”

Martina Schiffer

“I was already able to enjoy several shamanic sessions including cell reprogramming with Yvonne. The space she builds up and holds during the session is very powerful, transforming and connecting me each time even deeper with my inner guidance. Full of empathy, with a lot of heart and a great intuition, she guided me lovingly and yet very focused and guided by her strong connection to the source through various healing processes. The power animal she named to me in the first session is my birth power animal and since then always supporting me at my side. Her Sage Cleansing is absolutely unique, it always felt as if the Great Spirit personally released the burdens and burdens of the past from the aura. Even after the sessions the healing continued and I received more messages and images and understood connections on an even deeper level. I am looking forward to the next session and the new strength, clarity and inspiration that follows. I am sooooo grateful to have met such a wonderful therapist full of heart.”

Sonia Griffiths

“The session with Yvonne Waldraff overwhelmed me! It has enriched, motivated, amazed and touched me very much! ! ! !
Her rapid, loving way led me safely through this journey of cell transformation.
I thank Yvonne from the bottom of my heart for having made this exciting journey together with me – it showed me once again that we are made up of so much more.
I can warmly recommend Yvonne Waldraff as a therapist, healer and coach to anyone who is open to his process. THANK Yvonne!“ 

Valérie Gardel

“The session with Yvonne was very touching, deep & liberating. It was able to replace a lot of old things and pave the way to my new life in lightness, love and joy. It was a very inspiring journey, she guided me through the process with devotion, love & mindfulness and I felt very safe and secure in her hands. Thank you dear Yvi for your work in the world!”

Julia Svadi Hatra

Dearest Yvonne,

Thank you for such an amazing truly unique, and unforgettable session. Suddenly I was saw myself in some other magical space, where the world was full of magnificent sounds, visions, colors, which we never experienced in our daily life… Wonderful Spirits talked to me via you and gave answers to my questions! I even got confirmation as to which star race I belong and come from! Each person accumulated during his/her life and past lives such heavy luggage, suitcases full of emotions, stress, uncertainty, fears and its like a heavy burden on the shoulders. All of this dropped and disappeared totally it just vanished away! Such a relief and happy feeling! So much energy arrived! It was such a powerful heavenly beautiful session.Doctors all over the world are healing peoples bodies, but each and everyone should have this unique «one in a kind» session, at least once in lifetime, to heal Spirit and gain to back freedom. With high respect and admiration, ~Julia Svadi Hatra ~ Scientists, writer, movie producer, Canada

Corinne Tache-Berther

“Out of Switzerland… Wow, wow, wow, Yvonne Waldraff is not only an absolute sweetheart, she’s definitely one of the most profound women I came across in my life. She’s a therapeute and a healer, a mom and an entrepreneur and a wonderful girlfriend. It took her much to experience it all for herself on her own body, but today, all what she has integrated for herself, she offers it to the one in front of her. Pure authenticité, pure self experienced wisdom. Yvonne Waldraff has has a healing oasis in Zurich, called ‘Silent Power’, where people all around the world come together and bring and spread wisdom and beauty over Zurich and Switzerland. Yvi’s mission is clear. She is here to help people access their potentialto heal old karma and to dance the dance of ‘nowness’. She’s one of the great light workers and healers out there, with a true healing oasis working for her and very much reminds us of the film ‘Cloud Atlas’ and its understanding about ‘eternal’ life. So thankful to have found her again!” 

Stefan Weber


Initial situation: I was in a very bad psychological situation when a good friend of mine recommended Yvonne Waldraff. I was really very desperate at that time. I had only been able to sleep 2 hours a night for 15 days. Yvonne Waldraff had immediately recognized that it was an emergency. I was very grateful that she found time for me the very next day, although she was actually completely booked.

On the one hand, I had great hope and the pressure was great, because it was clear to me that if this didn’t work, then I wouldn’t know what to do.
After a conversation with Yvonne, she first did a shamanic healing work with me and then a cell reprogramming. Many negative energies & old behavior patterns from the past could be freed and transformed. I do not want to mention more about the course of the session. In any case, it was very intense and impressive what all happened. Sleep came back!

Only after the session I became aware of the place and the essence of Yvonne. Yvonne radiates from your deepest inside – you can see and feel that.
I can recommend this experience to everyone! The location is a blast. The place has a magical effect.
Yvonne is fully committed to her vocation and gives 200% for the benefit of the client.
Thank you Yvonne from the bottom of my heart for your emergency service! I don’t know what I would have done without you!

Andrea Dario Castellano

Office Specialist

After the cell reprogramming of Yvonne Waldraff I felt fully energized and very clear in my head. My deep issues could be consciously perceived and transformed. Day after day after that, layers of me that were no longer serving me came off. A lightness returned and more awareness. The inner images I saw during the treatment were incredible. Suddenly everything made sense, why I had lived through certain patterns and imprints over and over again in life and why things repeated themselves. The couplings in my cell information were sovereignly energetically released by Yvonne. I was suddenly able to make peace with my past and the inner struggle within me. We also went through the birth process, where some patterns were also reflected. A journey through emotions and feelings! Liberation and peace came. Thank you dear Yvonne for this experience and healing!

Madeleine Blum


Before I met you dear Yvonne, I often felt very lonely, misunderstood, afraid and deeply sad. After the cell reprogramming treatment I felt for the first time in my life what true JOY feels like! My fears are GONE!!!! You can’t even imagine how happy, relieved and amazed I am – it’s a completely wonderful feeling! I feel SOOOO good since our session, I really have a whole new outlook on life in general and can’t even describe how much I enjoy it!!!!

I am deeply touched and just blissful. It was like an initiation. Tears of gratitude for this unique valuable experience flowed! THANK YOU Yvonne for your BEING & WORKING.

Gordon Smith

“Dear Yvi – Sorceress – short and sweet for you, about you: LOVE + LIGHT + KNOWLEDGE = this is YOU

Hélène Martent

“In my experience there are few healers who are really good at it and Yvonne Waldraff is one of these few pearls! My session with her was very insightful and let me dive into a well-being I had rarely experienced. Big hug to you Yvonne and thank you for your being!”

Bernd Toner

“You with your magic powers love Yvonne ! Your session with happiness & healing flowed through me. I can only say- respect dear Yvonne, what you have put on your feet. You have an incredible power, a magic in your hands, in your aura, in your personality. I look forward to further enriching moments with you!”

Cornelia Helg

“This treatment of Yvonne with cell reprogramming has changed my life! I can hardly believe it! I would never have thought that I had so many old behavioral patterns from this early prenatal period stored in me and that these patterns were repeated again and again in my life. Through this deep & powerful treatment I was able to recognize and let go of my “demons”. I feel like new born, liberated and feel this deep peace within me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Yvonne for this incredible experience and healing that I was able to experience! Every human being should be allowed to experience this!“ 

Slaven Todorovic

“The treatment has been very good for me. Many patterns and blockages have come to the surface thanks to you dear Yvonne and even if I did not take the opportunity to dissolve these patterns well, a healing has taken place, which has shown itself step by step in the last months. I thank you very much for your dedication, your competence and this valuable experience.”

Markus R.

“Yvonne’s hands radiated a lot of warm healing energy and really charged my system. Everything was perfectly tuned (wow, Yvonne’s intuition is impressive). The power animal she calls the power animal fits so perfectly to my current situation and has been accompanying me very closely ever since, giving me strength, focus and protection.”

Marianne Karcher

“I would like to thank Yvonne very much for the wonderful treatment I was able to enjoy to the fullest under your pardoned hands and I returned home totally satisfied – your ambience is simply unique and I felt almost like “Rosetta in space”. Your dear welcome is so warm every time, my dearest thanks for your relaxing hour in the kingdom of silence amidst the distant hustle and bustle!” 


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