Cell Reprogramming

The journey


What if you can finally let go and transform the blockages & patterns that have plagued you for so long?

What if you are finally free from all your trapped emotions that you still have stored in your cell memory?

In cell reprogramming I combine different techniques, such as Theta Healing, Aura Technique, Shamanic Healing & Systemic Elements. Individually tailored to the client, I guide through the process, intuitively guided by the spiritual world. The client is guided through a mindful soul journey, a kind of waking hypnosis. During this process I test which levels are crucial in the prenatal phase and which should be treated. We look at the levels of procreation, fertilization, all months of pregnancy, birth and even childhood, and possibly also the previous lives. All these levels lie in our subconscious. During this time we have adopted formative patterns from our parents and ancestors, which lead back to the 12th row of ancestors. Also situations in these levels, such as birth traumas, lost twins or fateful moments or emotions of the parents in this time leave formative cell information.

These old imprints and cell information are deleted, decoded and transformed on the cell level and new positive information is programmed.

Through this deep and very powerful treatment we can finally say goodbye to old patterns of behavior and find new life-affirming power within us. Harmony, healing on all levels and deep peace & joy of life returns.

I would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation and look forward to hearing from you.